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Weather can make or break your boating experience in NY Harbor.  Before casting off your lines, you can check out the following sources of weather information for NY Harbor:


Local Weather and Forecasts

The proverbial look out the window. Real time view from the Statue of Liberty torch.


Interactive radar

Worried about that front to the west? The radar map will show you its current position. When will the front arrive and when will the back side clear you? Click on "Future" to show movement for the next four hours.





Although the wind forecasts are generally 2-5 knots too low and wind gusts are not shown, this site provides the most updated, most accurate forecast for the current day.


NOAA National Weather Service


Detailed analyses and forecasts from the professionals.  For a 48 hours hourly forecast, click "Tabular Forecast" near the bottom of the 7-day forecast page. 

Stevens Institute NYHOPS


24 hour history and 72 hour forecast of everything you wanted to know about wind, air and water.



Hourly and 7-day local forecasts.



Hourly to monthly forecasts.



Hourly to 10-day forecasts.





Average the Long Island Sound and Coastal marine forecasts to estimate NYC forecast. Severe weather alerts can be obtained by monitoring WX-1 while underway.

Farmer's Almanac


Two month to annual forecasts.



 Sailing vessels:  Wind shadows, wind speed fluctuations and velocity shifts near large commercial vessels and tall buildings.


Sunrise and Sunset times   

Home Weather Currents & Tides Harbor Events Emergencies Other Resources