FROM A YACHT FOR 1 PERSON...... Prelude sailing by Riverside church




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Prelude's Crew

The Captain, Ed Bacon

Ed has skippered or crewed on over 35 vessels, has lived aboard for 45 years, and has earned a USCG 100 ton license.  He had land lives as a South Jersey kid, an undergrad at the University of Delaware, a grad student at Rutgers University, a First Lieutenant in the US Army, and an IBMer (took the stock market two years to realize he was gone). Ed realized his dream of being captain of his own vessel but then was outranked by Regina (she told him to get in step as they walked back down the aisle at their 1988 wedding).  In addition to being a snorkeler, scuba diver and windsurfer, Ed is an avid cockpit potato.


Ed reports to:


The Commodore, Regina Jordan

Regina earned her MA degree from Montclair State University in Business Education. After teaching for six years in high school and college she decided on a business career in sales and marketing. She was employed by Eastman Kodak Company as a sales representative and a national accounts manager and by Lotus Development Corporation as a senior marketing representative serving the investment banking corporations in New York City. Since winning a scholarship to the Culinary Institute of America at the Grand Marnier Culinary Competition at the St. Thomas Boat Show, she's been attending classes at the CIA and the Institute of Culinary Education. After 9/11 she volunteered at the NYC Chief Medical Examiner.  In addition to being a snorkeler and scuba diver, Regina is an avid runner (1998 NYC Marathon) and hiker.






In Memory of the Admiral, Ollie



Ollie by Paula



EAR in cockpit




Ollie and Reg - 0709


Reg and ollie

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