FROM A YACHT FOR 1 PERSON...... Prelude sailing by Riverside church




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Thanks for the pictures, and thanks a gain for a lovely trip - and for delicious shrimp and bubbles. We'll recommend you to everyone we know, and will hopefully get a chance to sail with you again.



Thank you so much for sending the photos and the route.

We all really enjoyed our afternoon with you and Reggie on Prelude; certainly one of the highlights of our friends' stay and something we shall hopefully aim to include in future itineraries for our visitors.

Hope to see you again soon.

Best wishes



Thank you for a fabulous evening.  You made Abby's milestone birthday a perfect evening.  The food and your hospitality was exceptional.
Thank you again. Hope to see you soon. 



Thank you again for a wonderful boattrip and a perfect evening.
Thanks to you and Regina, this has turned out to be an evening we'll
never forget!

Again: many thanks!

Best regards,


Wanted to thank the both of you once again for the fabulous charter you set up to create a most magical moment for us a few weeks back. Both Poonam and I have been sharing the wonderful story of our engagement with whomever is willing to listen. I am recommending you to everyone that asks, and am sure to do the excursion again.



Thank you so much !

We had the greatest time on board! Everything was perfect: The Prelude, the food, the weather,... you both made us really feel 'at home' with all of the attentions. With your kindness you made this most special moment a dream come true. Sandra and I can only be grateful.


Thank you guys so much! I heard that the shoot went really well out on the boat, despite the rain. I am sorry I was not able to make it out there to at least meet you in person and say hello. I will shoot you guys over some of the images as soon as I get them from the photographer so you can at least see what the end result was.

Again thank you so much for all of your help, everyone said it turned out great!



Hi Regina and Ed….a short note to tell you how much the three of us enjoyed the outing, and appreciation for your making it special. So you will know, I’ve told Elizabeth at Andaz Wall Street how good you are and how much fun the outing was.

Smooth sailing.


These are so amazing! Thank you so much for everything, the entire experience was so magical and wonderful, and I am so glad that you two are part of our life story. Please keep in touch, have a wonderful weekend!!

Pamela and John


Thanks for an outstanding evening. I wasn’t sure how the weather was going to turn out,…..but it was perfect. Regina,….the meal was perfect also,….I need to learn how to cook like you! Thank you for the wonderful hospitality, and we look forward to seeing the two of you again soon.

Thanks again for the wonderful evening.


Dear Regina & Ed,
Thank you so much for the pictures and much more importantly, thank you immensely for making possible such an amazing experience.  We had a wonderful time aboard the Prelude and these were certainly memories that will be with us for the rest of our lives.  Thank you from the bottom of our hearts for making all this possible, we owe you a great deal of gratitude. 
Thank you,
Supriya & Rathin


Dear Regina and Ed,

First many many thanks for the pictures and also for an unforgettable and wonderful sailing trip with you both. We both loved it and it will remain a special event in our lives  :-))

We would also let you know that in Vegas we spontaneously decided to get married, which happened on Sept 3rd , 4 days after the engagement … We had a fabulous day, just the two of us and all the peace and time for us to enjoy our day! Certainly these US holidays were very special, we arrived in NY as singles, arrived in Vegas as engaged and arrived in San Francisco as a married couple … what a journey!

Again, thank you for the wonderful day and hopefully some day we’ll have a chance for another sail with you :-))

All the best and regards

Dom and Sarah


Dear Ed and Regina,
You are very welcome.  Thank you so much for the pics.  Indeed some great shots!  They are wonderful!!!  I am happy to share the ones from my camera when I get around to uploading them.   Thank you so much for the sail.  It couldn't have been better.  Tasha loved it!! You guys are so warm, thoughtful and fun.  Thank you so much for making the engagement such a success and so memorable!!! 


Dear Regina and Ed,  I just wanted to thank you from me and my father for a wonderful day. It was truly a beautiful way to remember a person who meant so much to so many people. I am so happy that yesterday worked out the way it did. I will cherish this event. 
                                                                                                                              All my best, Boris.

Hi Ed and Regina:  Wanted to thank you again for that wonderful interlude on the “Prelude” (or should that be the other way around…?) What an exquisite craft she is, and how beautifully run.  We enjoyed your company so much, and that helped make for a splendid birthday outing.  

Hope we’ll see you again for a landlocked expedition---and Regina, I’ll catch you in spin class, working off the salumeria.   Fond cheers, Lynn and Jerry


Broker's reply from Stephanie:

It was incredible. We are crazy about ed and regina. A truly memorable
experience. Thanks so much.


Ed and Regina,
  Thank you so much for the pictures and for making our special occasion so memorable.  It was absolutely fantastic.  We will never forget the Prelude and you guys!
Lou and Karina!


Pat, Alice, Ed, Regina, Ed,

Thank you all for making my birthday especially wonderful. I can not
imagine a better way to age.

Enjoy the pictures,



Cindy and I had a wonderful time on Wed. with you and Regina sailing down the Hudson.  The food was superb (our compliments to the Chef) the weather beautiful (thanks for reserving it), and we thoroughly enjoyed our afternoon.  Thank you for sharing the "Prelude" with us, it was perfect.  I am sure you could tell that we are somewhat " head over heels" for each other, and the afternoon with the perfect food, wine, weather, and you and Regina's wonderful company made it even better.  We would love to get copies of the pictures you took.  Please forward them to my email address on this email.  Again, thank you for a wonderful time.
We will be back for another voyage in the spring (Cindy already requested another voyage) and this time you need to share in the vintage with us.  Thanks again.
All the best,

Ed and Regina:

Thank you so much for a wonderful day on Saturday.  Your boat is beautiful and the lunch was excellent.  We look forward to seeing you again.  Please email any pictures you have to this email address.

 Thank you again.



Dear Ed and Regina,

Although I last saw my friends dancing at the Boat Basin Café, I am home and trying to explain to my Girlie why my bag smells like Ollie.  I can’t begin to thank you or compliment you enough on your hospitality, cuisine, ambience – not to mention that you are just down-home-good to be with people.

My friends really had such a lovely and special experience which was wonderful to share with them, and I had a day far beyond my top expectations.

Regina – you are a gifted chef and hostess, and you Ed, a wonderful commodore, host and conversationalist.

Please do recheck my bill to insure I have paid my full due; and please use me anytime for a reference.

I look forward to seeing you for a drink and even hopefully a sail when I return from Alabama in mid October.  As soon as Tess sends her photos along, I’ll forward to you for your portfolio.

With all my best regards,


Thank you, Ed!

We all had a great time and very much appreciated your warm hospitality, attentive service and delicious food.  We’ll certainly make it a point to tell others about your unique charter service.



Hi Ed,

As things have settled down here and I have a moment, I just wanted to 
thank you for such a lovely day.  It was perfect in every way!  
(although I forgot that delicious chocolate cake to take home, I was 
bummed about that).

A question for you, I know you took some great pictures that day , do 
you think you can email them to me?  That would be great for the 
memory book!

Thank you again and you we will see us again.



Thanks very much for the pictures. We all had a really terrific time and genuinely appreciate all the efforts you and Reggie made to make the evening an absolute success. Thanks again,



Hello Ed & Regina,

Thank you so much for the photos, that was an extra treat.  We truly
had a great time and look forward to doing this again in the near
future.  Georgia will be in on Tuesday so I will give her all the



Dear Ed and Regina,

It was an unforgettable night. Thanks for all your help to make my
anniversary special!
I am happy because Amanda is quite happy, and she is not easily impressed :)

Regina and Ed,

Thank you for the photos.  We had a wonderful evening and look forward to seeing you on Prelude again very soon.  I will spread the was a fantastic evening.

Our best, Heidi

Dear Ed and Regina

Just a quick note to once again and say thank you for a wonderful time last week.  You were great

Nick and Kathy


Thanks so much for making Mr & Mrs R's afternoon so wonderful!

They had a great time



Ed & Regina-
I just wanted to send a quick message of thanks for the wonderful boat ride that you had provided for me and Charlene.  The proposal went perfectly and we can't thank you enough for the amazing accommodation.  Despite the initial gloominess of the weather, the skies cleared and we couldn't be happier.  I know that leading up the to the actual day I was a nervous wreck (evidenced by the daily emails), but Ed, you were so patient and I really appreciate that.  Regina, we still cannot get over the food you had prepared for the trip...  from the baked brie to the salmon, everything was incredible and you deserve all the culinary accolades! 
I've attached a few pictures that Dave had taken from that day.  I think you'll agree that he did a great job, as well (let me know if you cannot open the files).
Thank you again and we look forward to keeping in touch with you both.
Joe and Charlene



A big thank you from both Neha and I for making yesterday so special.

I couldn’t have asked for it to have been better. The timing, boat, company, scenery and food were just perfect.

Frankly, I was surprised I could keep the proposal under wraps for so long.

We look forward to receiving any photos you may have.

With best regards,



Ed and Regina -

Thank you again for everything.  It was the perfect evening and worked out even better than I hoped.  Both Dory and I had an incredible night. 


If you get a chance, we would love to see the pictures that Regina took.

Thanks again !



I hope all is well... I have been meaning to write to tell you what a wonderful time we had on your "party" boat...our daughter has not stopped talking about it.  In fact, when Grandpa asked her if she wanted the little boat they were looking at out on the water she replied, "No, No, No, BIG boat"!  She has expensive taste already  :)
I also wanted to tell you that she has renamed her favorite stuffed animal from Dog-Dog to Ollie...I thought Ollie would be flattered :)
Thanks again for the wonderful boat ride & delicious food!
Hope you are all doing well.
Best Regards,
Joni, Ray, Kate & Cameron


Ed & Regina:

Thank you for such a wonderful evening on your home/sailboat. We will never forget Prelude. We are really excited about all of what's ahead for us and it was incredible to take the first step in such a perfect way! I'm attaching the best pictures that we have, feel free to use any of them on your website if you want to. Also, if there are any of your pictures that you could share with us, it would be great. We�ll keep in touch and again many thanks!!!

Santiago & Daniela


Dear Regina and Ed,
Thank you again for a truly magical evening.  We hope to travel again with you sometime soon.

Ed and Regina,

Thank you very much for the great time that Jennifer and I had this past Saturday evening.  Everything about the night was amazing, from the views, to the food, to the service you both provided.

We’ve already told all of our friends and families about it, and have highly recommended that they spend some time on the Prelude.

It was a night we’ll always remember – thanks again!



Dear Regina and Ed,

Thank you so much for being part of our special moment in our lives. Our engagement was perfect and we thank you for everything and for taking such wonderful pictures.

Love Howie and Giselle

thank you -- we had such a lovely time! It really "hit the spot" to be on your boat for this occasion.
The food was incredible! And the weather just perfect.

Do look us up in VA, if at all possible -- and let me know beforehand, so I can take care of you.


Dear Ed and Regina -
I just wanted to thank you for helping us to create an unforgettable and amazing experience Saturday night.  Our friends have not been able to talk about anything else, and neither have Adam and I!
Everything was perfect - the gorgeous sailboat, the weather, Ollie, the impeccably prepared food!  Regina, I can honestly say that every dish you put together was delicious.  Thank you for letting us blast Lady Gaga, Eurythmics and Michael Jackson on the sound system and for not letting us lose our friends overboard (try as we might).  The photos taken at the end of the night are ... amusing.
I hope that we have an excuse to climb aboard again sometime soon.  Have a wonderful summer!
Yours truly,













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