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A 2-hour evening sail for 80 persons with beer/white wine/soda/juice open bar - $6,143.


A 3-hour weekday morning sail for 80 persons with soda,\/juice open bar - $4,613.



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NY Schooner Clipper City

Clipper City and Statue


NY Schooner Clipper City bar


New York saling yacht Clipper City deck


New York sailboat Clipper City from bowsprit


NYC sailing yacht Clipper City Robert


NY charter yacht Clipper City starboard


NYC charter  yacht clipper city helm


NY sailing yacht Clipper City statue


New York charter yacht Clipper City night


NY schooner clipper city sail

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On behalf of the group from UBS, I want to thank you and the rest of the crew for such an amazing night aboard the Clipper City. I think I mentioned this to you Thursday night, but it bears repeating--many said it was the best summer outing we've ever had. People are still talking about what an enchanting evening it was. The boat crew was friendly and helpful (especially the captain for accommodating our late arrivals!) and the food/drinks were great. Most of all, I want to personally thank you for all of your help in planning our major event of the summer--it came together perfectly! Those who missed it, as well as those who went, are looking forward to our next cruise with Manhattan By Sail!
Courtney Lala, UBS


I want to let you know that we enjoyed ourselves immensely on Wednesday. The weather was perfect. The crew was very friendly, professional and accommodating to our needs (our CEO was running a few minutes late and the delayed the boat until he arrived). Everyone had a great time and thoroughly enjoyed the experience.

Marisa Mulqueen, Financial Dynamics


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